Let Charging More Efficient Type C Technology

Modern mobile power supplies require faster charging and more charge per unit weight, They also need to be compatible with the advanced charging protocols introduced by smartphone developers.
How to combine all the advanced features and information displayed into one battery block without adding cost?
The answer is to connect mobile power to the smart phone's charging cable combination and some new, high Innovation, and solutions.

Type C Leads The Industry in Power Density and Rich Protection Mechanisms

Works with iOS, Android ™, and Windows® applications, and interfaces to most smart devices.

The platform detects different power supplies and provides direct and boost charging for a range of voltage ranges. Compatible devices include QuickCharge ™ and Fast Charge Fast Charge algorithms.

Smart Type C Mobile Power Supply Design

Use Type C PD3.0 technology as long as the connection of mobile power, there is a icon appears on the smart phone.
Through the application (app) provides a percentage of the remaining power, how much time to run out of power, Mobile power temperature, charging mode and other information. Smart mobile life, everything comes from a smart mobile power.

Type C Support Laptop Charging, The Action is More Convenient


Exclusive Type C PD technology provides 20V / 3A / 60W range, high efficiency and stable charging.

Type C Usb Cable Introduction

  ● Interface size is about W8.3mm X H2.5mm
  ● The upper and lower ends are exactly the same, no need to divide the front and back
  ● Can withstand 10,000 times plug
  ● Support for audio and video transmission, faster
  ● Support for the new Apple 2015 MacBook
  ● Super high-speed transmission rate, transmission bandwidth of 1 second / 10Gbps
  ● The maximum power supply capacity of 100W, support fast charge
  ● manufacturers support: Intel / Microsoft / Apple / Google common support
  ● Designed to support EMark transmission lines, video, files, charging transmission, ID identification to see

Type C Has a Very High Transmission Speed

USB3.1 specification transfer rate, about 20 times the USB2.0, up to 10Gbs.

Type C Exclusive PD (Power Delivery) and QC (Quick Charge) Coexistence Technology

Support agreement interface more widely, the use of mobile power, smart watches, tablet, laptop, screen, usb charger and other projects in daily life.

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Type C Technology Application

USB Type C Input Specification
Item Specification
Input Voltage 5V / 9V / 12V / 15V / 20V, Depend on I/P Adapter Specification
Output voltage 0~3A Depend on I/P Adapter Specification
Output current Depends on Battery Specifications
Charging efficiency High Efficiency
Protection NO Allow Adapter Protection
USB Type C Output Specification
Item Specification
Output Voltage/Output Current 5V / 9V / 12V / 15V / 20V, Up to 3A
Ripple and Noise ±3% (with o.1uF CC cap //10uF E-cap)
Output Efficiency High Efficiency
OVP / OCP / SCP / OTP Safety Certification