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Richtek Orion BPP TX / Sirius EPP TX / 15W Tester (Rx) PG-230 / 15W Tester (Rx) PG-240

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RICHTEK Orion 5W Fast Charging Tx PG-228


* Using RICHTEK RT3181A, a highly integrated and scalable solution for wireless power transmitter applications
* Wireless Power Consortium Compliant, compact, low profile module.
* Foreign object detection (FOD)
* Standard WPC A11 transmitter coil.
* Support QC 2.0 Quick Charge
* Support wide range input voltage 5 or 9V
* 5W for fast wireless compatible devices
* Fallback to 5W for regular Qi compatible devices
* LED indicators showing the charging status
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.00 / sample price

Powergene 基電力能科技具備完整的無線充電方案,支援目前市場主流無線充電標準,其中多模接收器設計,同時具有量產經驗與商業化能力,更能與您攜手提供使用者真正的無線充電體驗。

powergene 基電力能科技 power bank 行動電Please click on the application name of the chart, to view a list of product applications